GretaKahn März 1, 2019

Greta Kahn in Zürs

This year, as a very late christmas trip, we decided to take the team to Zürs am Arlberg for a company skiing vacation. A  few are already passionate winter sport people, a few are definite mountain lovers and the rest is open to new things. Ryan had’nt ever even been up a mountain that high before in his life . So we finished our shift, jumped in a bus and took off to Zürs for an unforgettable experience.

Day 1

We arrived late at Hotel Arlberghaus, a pretty sweet 4* Hotel, where we were taken care of with delicious foods and schnaps. The schnaps didn’t really help for the next day though, but definitely made the night out in the “Vernisage” way more interesting. Partying at an altitude of 1800m is a lot funnier than it sounds. Especially with this bunch. Even though we knew that we had to get up really early the next day we still didnt go home until 3am or so. And of course we drank. Because yolo..

Day 2

Day 2 brought the action. Marina and Rayan didn’t quite know what was coming to them as they hadn’t ridden much previously. They weren’t really aware that we were residing in one of the highest ski resort in Austria. And the best when it comes to riding backcountry.So, because of the different levels  of skill we decided to split the team into groups. Group 1 was laidback and took chilled turns on regular slopes while group 2, consisting of Romy, Franzi, myself and a few of our non-Greta-Kahn-related friends instantly went for the biggest, easily accessible peak to slash some heavy powder turns all the way down back to the hotel. For anyone thinking „isnt that dangerous“, we had a guide and knew what we were doing. Anyway, the next picture is Romy, Franzi, Simon and Ricky at our first entry point into a crazy  face. Hell Yeah!


Overview Zuers

„Check yourself before you wreck yourself“ is definitely a way to live by when you do this stuff.


All you felt up here was freedome.

Shortly after we arrived, Denni spent quite some time just staring out of the window. After all, he moved his whole life to austria just for this.

While some were enjoying fresh powder and untracked lines, others had already made their way to our home for those 2 days. Through a good friend we were able to reside in one of the nicest „cabins“ I for myself have ever seen. It had 5 double beds and tons of space to crash. Enough to keep the party going till late at night. Dice games, monopoly, beer and wine kept us funny and cheese fondue, raclette and salad kept us happy. We even had a fully functional kitchen and a bath tub.

Christmas in Zuers

Chees fondue, beer and great people in one place. Even Acro Paraglider Simon Winkler joined us for some lines.


Christmas in Zuers

Dice games and Wizard Cards. This stuff kept us awake until way past midnight


As the sun had set we couldn’t help ourselves and went outside to enjoy the view in the coldest possible way. It had about -10 degrees. Rayan and Denni took the opportunity to stock up their personal picture collection. But really, who wouldn’t with a view like that. Here we were, a bunch of hairdressers looking down at the world after a heavy day of riding, loving every minute of it. Who would’ve thought.


All in all there is to say, these guys are not  your average hairdressers. Next time you come around ask how this adventure was and watch their eyes light up.

We cant wait for the next business trip.



Christmas in Zuers

No words needed to describe this



Christmas in Zuers

That thing to the right is the chimney of our „cabin“.


Christmas in Zuers

Rix and Sarah taking full advantage of the living room window. That line that you can see is where we stopped shoveling snow. The window is normally twice the size